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The PRO's at Airkewld plan on shocking the world with its latest promotion. We will change lives with this one. I have already seen it.

But to accomplish it, it will take the help of the #AirkewldArmy, that's you, to make it happen.

What's at stake? The PRO's are going to give the winner a complete chassis restoration, and it includes the following;
Pick up your vehicle anywhere in the USA and ship it back to Airkewld Headquarters.
Completely rebuild it and install all of Airkewld's PRObuilt Components, including a PRObuilt Beam, PRObuilt Transaxle, Smoothie Wheels, and BAD Series Brakes. The PRO's will then reinstall it onto the body and ship it back to you on our dime. (Depending on inflation, this is a $30k value and could be $100k.) Intrigued?

How do I enter? Great question.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here and our Chassis Rebuild form here. That's it.

When will you pick a winner? That is another excellent question. The PRO's will select a winner once we hit 100K subscribers on YouTube. This is where you come in. By supporting us by watching our videos and enjoying our email newsletters, you have a chance to have your chassis redone by the TEAM of PRO's at Airkewld.

If you are following along, we are giving away an OEM PRObuilt Steering Box at 15,000 subscribers, a $10,000 Shopping Spree at 50,000 subscribers and a complete rebuild of your chassis at 100,000 subscribers. If this works well, then at every 100,000 increment, we will do it again....and again....and again.

How does the winner get chosen? Also, a great question. The TEAM of PRO's will be polled, and the project with the most votes will be selected. What happens if there is a tie? We will use random.org to choose a winner by random.

Good luck to the #AirkewldArmy, the #GreatestClientsInTheWorld!

If you want to learn about the proper way to rebuild your Classic VW Drive-Train, join our Patreon here - https://www.patreon.com/Airkewld