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Job Openings at Airkewld

Our TEAM at Airkewld builds the best custom fabricated drivetrain components in the USA.

Airkewld LLC, pronounced Air Cooled, is seeking for the next best experienced Welder & Fabricator in the Valley that is tired of the corporate work and looking to take his talents to the BEST Automotive Designer and Fabricator in the WORLD.

Typical work week includes fabricating new front axle beams from scratch, modifying clean suspension components, installing sheet metal floors in original Automotive chassis, installing air ride kits in chassis and so much more. We also work a 40 hour work week so our TEAM can enjoy life outside of work.

Now in our 21st year, the team needs to grow but we want to work alongside someone that adds value, brings new ideas and who understands that value in quality craftsmanship with the day to day responsibilities we all have collectively as a TEAM . That means if you have the talent, want to kill it and push your boundaries, you need to send in your resume today so we can get an interview going asap.

We offer competitive salaries, paid holidays and a great working environment.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

• Duties include drilling, grinding, and all necessary prep work
• MIG welding experience is required
• Must have own helmet and gloves
• Ability to de-bur/grind metal as necessary to achieve proper surface texture to finish
• Perform other duties as assigned
• Ability to lift 25-100 pounds

Pictures and or videos are necessary to vet your talents. So when you apply, take a few pictures or videos of your work so when we do meet we can take a look at some of the work you’ve done. We will show you around as well to show off the high quality work we do.

If you are working elsewhere and are looking for a stronger opportunity, all inquiries are confidential.
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