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#AirkewldArmy Generals
My name is Pete Skiba and I am the CEO of Airkewld and I’m putting together a TEAM.

No, it’s not the Avengers but it’s close.

Airkewld is GROWing…and we are looking for those people who stand out from the crowd. Are you a Perfectionist? Do you have an appreciation for high quality? Are you obsessed with fit and finish? If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe you should join the PRO’s at Airkewld.
Volkswagen Experience is NOT necessary but your DNA is.

PRObuilt means something to me. Let me tell you why.

PRObuilt, a division of Airkewld, is one of the most sought after product lines in the Volkswagen Aftermarket. The demand is here and now!

Subpar products are STILL offered today by just about everyone else in the VW Aftermarket. Why? I can’t answer that. But we can surely do something about it. And how we do that is by growing our TEAM, bettering our products, scaling our business, and promoting it with those who we resonate with the most. The #AirkewldArmy.

PRObuilt Beam Assembler- The time has come. The need to put another PRO in place due to the growing demand for our Flagship product line, the PRObuilt Beam. This position is not for just anyone, I should know. I have been doing this for decades. Fit, feel, cleanliness, keeping even tolerances, everything matters when assembling these works of art. And now, we are in need of another PRO. Is it you? This is a full-time position. Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm with a 1 hour lunch. (Starting at $30 per hour with the ability to have a Six Figure Salary if goals can be reached.)

Janitorial Position- 5 years ago, we hired John, a veteran of both the city and the military for this position. As the years went by, John became uber valuable in other facets of our company. So the position is up for grabs now. Must have mechanical experience as we need to service bead blaster, welders, band saws, roll up doors and care about detail, basically another form of OCD. Military based is a plus. - This is a part-time gig, it could always grow into more depending on skill set and devotion. Could be once a week and up to three times a week depending on what is accomplished. ($15 per hour)

Shop Press Foreman - I just made up this position. Literally, just right now. We have a few hundred arms and spindles that need to be pressed apart so this will be a slightly dirty job. But cleanliness is key to our operation. Keeping a clean work space is key. This position is part-time while supplies last. Meaning, while we have containers full of these parts, you will be busy. Having press experience is key, having an understanding of the safety working with a press is paramount but the PRO's will teach you how to use it correctly. OCD helps and Military experience is welcomed. (Starting at $15 per hour and can grow depending on fit with the team)

Again, I am putting together a TEAM that will be rewarding, both monetarily and ridding the world with less subpar Volkswagen products. I look forward again, to working with you!