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My name is Pete Skiba, and I am the CEO of Airkewld, and I’m putting together a TEAM.

Airkewld is GROWing…and we are looking for those people who stand out from the crowd. Are you a Perfectionist? Do you have an appreciation for high quality? Are you obsessed with fit and finish? If you answered yes to these questions, you may join the PRO’s at Airkewld.
Volkswagen Experience is NOT necessary, but your DNA is.

PRObuilt means something to me. Let me tell you why.

PRObuilt, a division of Airkewld, is one of the most sought-after product lines in the Volkswagen Aftermarket. The demand is here and now!

Subpar products are STILL offered today by just about everyone else in the VW Aftermarket. Why? I can’t answer that. But we can surely do something about it. And how we do that is by growing our TEAM, bettering our products, scaling our business, and promoting it with those we resonate with the most—the #AirkewldArmy.

Sales Team - Contacting old clients, setting up new dealers, cold calls and more. This is an in-house employee only. (Commission Based 5%($5mil = $250k))

PRObuilt Arm/Spindle Lead - As the demand for our flagship product grows, the need for the OCD visionary to help us in the PRObuilt Spindle and PRObuilt Arm department. Checking OEM parts for square and true, taping them up for powder-coat, setting spindles up for thrust, reaming bushings, pressing in ball joints and breaking them in for the #AirkewldArmy. Is it you? This is a full-time position. Monday through Friday, 8 am-5 pm, with a 1-hour lunch.

Wheel Assembly Lead - Smoothie center prep for powder coat, smoothie hoop prep for powdercoat or polish, assembly of two and three piece wheels including the gluing up process. Is it you? This is can be a full-time position. Monday through Friday, 8 am-5 pm, with a 1-hour lunch.

Brake Assembly Lead - Rotor assembly including torquing rotor blades to center hubs, bolt patterns to center hubs, driving wheel bearing races into hubs and packing bearings and installing seals. OCD ideals are preferred here. Is it you? This is a full-time position. Monday through Friday, 8 am-5 pm, with a 1-hour lunch.

Janitorial Position - Five years ago, we hired John, a veteran of the city and the military, for this position. As the years went by, John became uber-valuable in other facets of our company. So the position is up for grabs now. We must have the mechanical experience to service bead blasters, welders, band saws, roll up doors and care about detail, another form of OCD. Military-based is a plus. - This is a part-time gig; it could always grow into more depending on skill set and devotion. It could be once a week and up to three times a week, depending on what is accomplished.

Grinder/Surfacer Specialist
- With the amount of beams sold daily, we need someone here every day, either full-time (8 hours) or part-time (4 hours). After beams are welded, they must be deburred, smoothed out, tapped for grease zerks, and more.

Pictures and or videos are necessary to vet your talents. So when you apply, please take a few pictures or videos of your work so we can look at some of the work you’ve done when we meet. We will also show you around to show off our high-quality work.

All inquiries are confidential if you are working elsewhere and looking for a stronger opportunity. Text to 623-518-3537

Again, I am putting together a TEAM that will be rewarding, both monetarily and ridding the world of less subpar Volkswagen products. I look forward again to working with you!