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Which Lug Nuts do I need for my wheels?.
- by Pete Skiba - PRO since 2002 | Airkewld.com | Updated on 6/8/23

Common question I get, possibly daily, is what lug nut do I need for my wheels and disc brake kit? Answer; It depends.

All out brakes use a 14mm x 1.50 stud so that is going to be a common theme here but your wheels, will determine what kind of lug will be needed to affix the wheel properly. If you are running stock steel wheels, you need a Ball Seat Open Lug Nut, like these. If you are running a Smoothie/BRM from Airkewld, you need a 60 Degree Conical Lug Nut, like these. If you are running a Porsche wheel of any kind, you need a Ball Seat Closed Lug Nut, like these. If you are running EMPI 5 Spokes, they call for a 12mm x 1.50 studs and use what is called a Mag Lug with a washer, like these.

This list will grow as the questions get asked so we can guide the #AirkewldArmy the best way possible.

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Also: The products listed in the section below are for replacement parts in our BAD Series Gen 1 and Gen 2 Brake Kits. Should you attempt to use them with another vendors brake conversion, we will not be able to tech support it.

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