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Six Shooter Clutch Adjuster Install
by Pete Skiba 7/18/23

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Our goal is to make the install a breeze. Please read the entire guide. Any time you see a 🔧 that tool is available on our Amazon tool page. If you have a tech question, you can text us here.

Proper maintenance of the clutch cable is crucial in the actual installation of the Six Shooter.

  1. Loosen the lug nuts on the left rear wheel 1/4 turn before jacking the vehicle up.
  2. Jack 🔧 up the rear of the vehicle and place stands 🔧 underneath the chassis.
  3. Remove the wheel and place it under the chassis as a fail-safe.
  4. Locate the clutch lever on the transaxle with a cable and factory wing nut.
  5. Spray WD40 🔧 on the cable and remove the wing nut.
  6. Inspect the cable. You need to clean the cable if the threads are full of dirt and grime. There are a couple of different ways to do this. Use a wire brush 🔧 and a cleaning solution, or use a 7mm x 1.0 thread chaser 🔧 .
  7. Once the cable is clean and ready to go, apply grease 🔧 or anti-seize 🔧 to the cable.
  8. Raw Six Shooters are steel, so they must be coated 🔧 to prevent rust. Black Six Shooters are ready to go. Stainless version will need anti-seize. Apply grease/anti-seize 🔧 to the back of the nut and the threads.
  9. Install on the cable. As you tighten, check your pedal for free play and engagement. Once the ideal feel is attained, wipe off the residual grease/anti-seize from the cable. This would become a dirt and dust magnet if you don't.
  10. Re-install the wheel and hand-tighten the lugs.
  11. Jack up the vehicle, remove the jack stand, and lower it. Then torque the lugs to factory specs.
Enjoy an adequately adjusted clutch. Make minor adjustments with ease now that you have a Six Shooter installed

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Six Shooter Clutch Adjustment Nut - 2820 Six Shooter Clutch Adjustment Nut - 2820

There is a wing nut that, when functioning at its best, is a FIVE-out-of-TEN experience. This original nut would allow the VW owner to adjust his clutch feel to get the right amount of pedal to disengage the clutch. But most of the time, the OEM German wingnut is no longer on the vehicle, and a Chinese soft nut was chosen, and it feels like a week of not shaving your face. Heck, have you ever tried to adjust it when it was cold outside and you were twisting this wing nut, only for you to miss a twist, and like a propeller, it slaps your finger to the point of you letting out a Go#$&#)$)*_#@)_*$*it!!! Ya, we have all been there. We gave this trick little product a pretty cool name. Yeah, I am biased. We call it the Six Shooter Clutch Adjuster.

Available in Raw Steel, Powder Coated Black, Stainless Steel and NOW, Titanium!!!

Made in the USA | Product updated 1/18/24 by Pete

Typical time to install - 1/2 Hour | Install Guide | Install Video | Tools Needed

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Six Shooter Install