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Classic Volkswagen Rear Disc Brake Conversions | Airkewld

Also: The products listed in the section below are complete kits. You will NOT need anything in addition to what is compiled in these kits. It is now up to you, to take your time, assemble the parts correctly, and enjoy the ride quality, the handling and the stance, you have always dreamed about.

Gen 1 Classic VW Bus Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit - 4745 Gen 1 Classic VW Bus Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit - 4745
List Price $1,599.99
Airkewld Army Price $1,399.99 per Kit
Savings: $200.00

Classic VW Type 1 Rear Short Axle Disc Brake Conversion Kit - 4700G2 Classic VW Type 1 Rear Short Axle Disc Brake Conversion Kit - 4700G2
List Price $1,599.99
Airkewld Army Price $1,399.99 per Kit
Savings: $200.00

Classic VW Type 1 Rear Long Axle Disc Brake Conversion Kit - 4705G2 Classic VW Type 1 Rear Long Axle Disc Brake Conversion Kit - 4705G2
List Price $1,599.99
Airkewld Army Price $1,399.99 per Kit
Savings: $200.00
Classic VW Type 1 Rear IRS Axle Disc Brake Conversion Kit - 4710G2 Classic VW Type 1 Rear IRS Axle Disc Brake Conversion Kit - 4710G2
List Price $1,599.99
Airkewld Army Price $1,399.99 per Kit
Savings: $200.00

6,000,000 <-- That's Six Million, auto accidents happen in the US on average. Let's do our part together, to reduce that amount, by installing quality disc brakes on our Classic Volkswagen's. - by Pete Skiba - PRO since 2002 | Airkewld.com | Updated on 6/8/23

Understanding what you need to do the job you are looking for, sounds easy, but it's really not. But with the help from the PRO's, guidance is part of the experience. Below, you will find what comes in the kits and what caliper makes sense for your application.

Rear eBrake - Single piston mechanical e-brake caliper - Zero Offset - Perfect for all street and performance applications and can be paint matched by the consumer to match the front pretty easily or the PRO's can do it for them in the options available.

RaceReady - Two Piston Wilwood NON e-Brake Caliper - Zero Offset - Perfect for all race applications as well as clients who want matching Wilwood calipers front and rear.

Rear Kit by Type & Axle

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Gen 1 BAD Series Disc Brakes released in 2007 and we sold over 23,000 kits over 48 countries. It finally gave Classic VW Enthusiasts an American option instead of settling on Chinese counterparts. Wilwood calipers, flexible bolt pattern switching, upgrade-able from 1, 2 to 4 piston applications and they bolted onto factory or drum drop spindles with ease. To put it bluntly, the industry as a whole, loved the versatility and performance.

Almost 16 years later, we introduce GEN 2. Our greatest update on a industry leading set of disc brakes, the BAD Series Disc Brakes.

BAD (Billet Assembled Disc) is made up of a 3-Piece design that include the hub assembly, the bolt pattern and the rotor blade. With the pandemic hitting just about everyone hard, the raw materials industry was hit even harder. Rotor material we used became non-existent so we had to search worldwide for options. What once was a 11 different companies touching this rotor is now a single company, that produces millions of rotors annually, making our products the best yet. Every aspect of this rotor is now done in house and to the spec the PRO's demand. The hub design went through a small change that included a dust/grease cap update. This update included a bolt on design with the speedometer cable connection hidden under the anodized Airkewld Star design. Super trick, super clean.

Caliper brackets were redesigned to set the calipers in the perfect location for service, tie rod end replacement and Wilwood caliper recommended hardware, which is now American instead of Metric.

Stainless Steel Brake lines have been updated for an even better look, fit and function as well.

Rear BAD Hubs have been updated to include the same cap as the front to keep the look uniform and hide the axle nut.

Rear eBrake cables have been updated to include OEM connections at the hand brake handle and a barrel nut at the caliper for a quick and easy installation.

New options available is to have the bearings pressed in and packed, ready for you to install easily.

Match painted eBrake calipers are now a drop down menu item so compiling the Ultimate front and rear kit to matching specs is actually a reality.

As it stands in 2022, Wilwood does not make a eBrake caliper that fits a 3/8" thick rotor. Some shops, (shops, normally do NOT carry product liability insurance, meaning if the product fails and you get injured or worse, they can give you the finger), *Modify* a 3/4" rotor to fit which takes the liability away from Wilwood and onto them AND you.

Also, Wilwood does NOT make disc brake conversions for the Classic Volkswagen. So when you read Wilwood Disc Brake conversions, that company is marketing to you in a deceptive way and giving their kit value in a consumer market.

One company, with product liability insurance, that's Airkewld and one other company, EMPI, which states that these products are designed for the use to be on a off-road application, which takes the liability risk OFF OF THEM and onto YOU, the SHOP/GARAGE that is installing them. Airkewld, that's us, has a 90%+ American-Made Disc Brake Conversions and EMPI has a 90%+ Chinese-Made Disc Brake Conversions.

It is up to the client to ensure that they have what they should have under their year/model/application. If they are unsure, it is time to send an email with some photos to make sure. The brake kits below require the following;

  • Type 1 or 3 rear axle assembly like short axle, long axle, short spline and long spline or IRS. These kits will not fit Type 2 reduction gear boxes or Type 2 Bay axles assemblies. These kit will NOT fit 3x3 trailing arms with out modification.
  • All studs we use are 14mm x 1.50 and we do not supply lug nuts due to wheels taking a specific lug nut for each application. 12mm x 1.50 are available as a special request if you need them for your build. Lug Nut recommendations here.
  • DOT 3 Brake Fluid to be used.

a PRO's Take | Product Advice & Recommendation

"A kit is a kit when you have all the pieces needed to do the job correctly. A "kit" without everything you need is a headache, that is going to happen, probably based on money. The PRO's will guide you down the right path my friend. It is the only way for us to succeed is by your happiness with customer service and meeting or exceeding expectations."

Trust is earned and reputation makes decisions easy. - Airkewld CEO Pete Skiba

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