Become an #AirkewldArmy General Today! (Our Affiliate Program)
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The PRO's have been working on our Affiliate Program known as #AirkewldArmyGenerals. The Generals are our TOP fans, clients, friends, whom recommend Airkewld to their friends and colleagues.

Let me tell you how it works. After you sign up, you will get the option to share a specific link with your friends, social media posts, YouTube videos and even print material. Just copy the link and add it to your post or website and we will take it from there. You will net a percentage of sales should someone click the link and purchases from our website. This link will not work for phone sales.

Payments can be paid in form of a check or credit for products from Airkewld. You decide. For reference purposes, an average ticket from Airkewld is $1600.00. If one person spends that much, we are giving you $64.00. Payments will go out quarterly (end of March, June, September and December.

Let's get started!