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This article was created to give you, the #AirkewldArmy, the information needed to make a GREAT decision for YOU and YOUR Classic Volkswagen build. Let's get into the details of this question.

I want to Air Ride my Classic Type 2 Volkswagen. What products and or kits do I need to do the job?

What year & model of Classic Type 2 Volkswagen do these fit?
1955-1967 Type 2 Bus, Standard Kombi, Single Cab, Double Cab, Panel, Deluxe, all models.

Will this kit fit on narrowed beam?
No, it must be an OEM beam.

Will this kit fit with a stock reduction gear box (RGB) transaxle?

No, the bus will need to be updated to a Type 1 or 3 IRS transaxle along with an IRS Conversion. Airkewld offers both.

Will my stock brakes work on this IRS Conversion?
Maybe. If your Type 2 Bus is equipped with a 36mm axle nut in the rear, then the brakes can be swapped out with a couple modifications. If you want to update your drum brakes to Disc Brakes, we can help. You can find details here.

Will this set up lay the vehicle on the ground?
No. This will allow you to lay the tires in the wheel wells with out any cutting. We want you to keep your investment so we try to alleviate all the cutting to the bus.

How much lift will the give me?
7.5" up front, 6.5 in the rear. No other kit comes close.

Is there welding involved in the fitting of this kit?

Yes. Check out the install PDF's below.

Does this kit have auto leveling?
No. We don't recommend ANY auto-leveling kits for the Volkswagen applications. They are too problematic and we want out clients to Smile, not Frown.

Will I need anything else when doing this kit?
Maybe. To elaborate on this, we need to understand that this is a big undertaking. We are providing the custom parts to install Air Ride on your Type 2 Bus. But we are not providing the parts to restore the bottom half of your bus. So there will be additional investments in small parts, should this include, while you are in there, scenarios.

What size tires should I run after installing this kit?

14" - P185/60r-14's - Link
15" - P185/60r-15's - Link
16" - P195/50r-16's - Link
17" - P205/45r-17's for all the same size tire front and back or staggered P205/40r-17 front, P215/45r-17 in the rear.

What kind of ride quality can I expect after this kit is installed?

Great question. If you use the saying, let's throw it against the wall and lets see what sticks, probably not good. If you follow the install guides, understand the limits, take your time and do the little things (4 wheel alignment, grease your zerks, dot your iii's and cross your ttt's), you will have a smile from ear to ear. The ride will be smooth and enjoyable for the entire family.

Can I run the 17" wheels like the ones you have on your website?
Yes, all of them will fit. Check them out here.

Front Air Ride Install
- Link
Air Management Install - Link
Rear Air Ride Install - Link
IRS Conversion Install - Link
PRObuilt Drop Spindle Install - Link
Transaxle Disclaimer - Link

When deciding on going with air ride, you made a decision that you are building a cruiser. What does that mean you ask?
Basically, the opposite of a high-performance application....and I don't mean a race car. If you have a large cc engine, you are going to want to use it, play with it, E V E R Y O N E wants too! If you go this route, don't AIR RIDE YOUR BUS. You need this instead.

Narrowed Beam - "I love the look and my tires are rubbing when I am low."
Let's start with the narrowed beam on a Type 2 Bus. Take my advice and don't invest in one. Seriously. I did a poll and almost 3/4 of those who were polled who had a narrowed beam, and they disliked the ride. If you decide to install a narrowed beam, you are basically saying that the visual is more important than the enjoyment of the ride quality. If this is the case, you are not thinking clearly. When it comes to the tires rubbing, with air ride you are NOT driving with the vehicle super low. You have the vehicle up to a medium height to allow the alignment to be perfect, the vehicle has the ability to absorb bumps and pot holes and can dodge things in the road easily. You will literally never rub with the vehicle at this height.

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