Father's Day 10% off Sale - DadsRule18

The Annual Airkewld Father's Dale Sale is happening this weekend from Friday through Sunday Evening. SAVE 10% on everything we have to offer online with coupon code DadsRule18 here when checking out. Friday, we will be available by phone from 8-4 MST 623-518-3537, please mention the coupon code over the phone.

The PRO's will be available by text all weekend 623-518-3537 to answer all your questions. You can also email us at as we will be checking email all weekend as well.

Please understand, our sales bring in a ton of orders, completely blessed, but most of the time, build times will extend out from what is said on the website. The PRO's appreciate your business, your patience and your patronage while we create the best possible products for your VW project.

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