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This article was created to give you, the #AirkewldArmy, the information needed to make a GREAT decision for YOU and YOUR Classic Volkswagen build. Let's get into the details of this question.

UN-assembled versus PRObuilt Drop Spindles

UN-assembled drop spindles - Link
PRObuilt Drop Spindles - Link


What year & model of Classic Volkswagen do these fit?
1949-1965 Beetle & Karmann Ghia

Do these also fit the Porsche 356 A & B?
They do indeed. Some models require a new inner wheel bearing and seal.

What is the amount of drop these spindles give?
2 1/2" or 63.5mm

Do these spindles add track?
Yes, 3/8" or 9.5mm. All link pin drum drop spindles add this amount of track width, regardless of what the vendor says or prints.

CHALLENGE - One or the other

Why would I want to purchase these PRObuilt Drop Spindles over the UN-assembled spindles?

One word to answer this. Ease. UN-assembled spindles require a list of tools to press apart, check thrust, ream to OE specs and press them together. This takes expertise, precision and skill. Many try, few get it right.

What would the install-time difference between the PRObuilt Drop Spindles and the UN-assembled drop spindles?
The PRObuilt Drop Spindles would roughly take 1 hour to install with mechanical skills. The UN-assembled drop spindles could take a weekend or more depending on the condition of your king pins, bushings, carriers, link pins and the tools you need, the trial and error you need to endure and the waiting time you need to be patient with, should you find an issue along the way.

It seems like everyone is selling a very similar UN-assembled drop spindle, why would I want to invest in your set up compared to others?

QC. Quality Control. Companies say they do it, but they do not. We QC every set of spindles we get in to eliminate the possibility of down-time the #AirkewldArmy has to endure when finishing their project. If the PRO's sign off on the spindle, the carrier, the king pin, the fit, the feel the finish, it is a guarantee, that you will have the BEST user experience. Now it's up to you.

Are you able to guarantee that the assembled spindles on your VW now are done correctly to keep YOU and YOUR family SAFE?

If you are, perfect. If you can't, the PRO's at Airkewld will give you that confidence as long as you install them correctly.

Why would I choose a raw steel finish over a powder coated finish or vice versa?

Since most spindles on the market are delivered raw, you would need to finish them to match the look of your current drive-train, at least the OCD TEAM over here would. But, if you want to sign off on this part of your suspension lasting forever, then going the powder coated route makes sense.


What if I want less of a drop that 2 1/2 inches?
If you are looking to get a precise drop on your current Volkswagen, it's going to be difficult but attainable. Your VW should have original torsion springs inside the beam, these hold the vehicle up. But they have sagged or lost some amount of tension over the years. So trying to do that math and give you exactly what you want visually, will be difficult. Best decision would be to install new torsion leaves to raise the vehicle up, then understand how much you want to drop it. If 2 1/2" gives you the right drop, the PRObuilt Drop Spindles are a perfect addition to your VW. If you need more, then investing in a set of PRObuilt Adjusters, should you have fabrication skills, or maybe an Ultimate Beam if you don't. These two options will give you a more precise adjustment to get the exact ride height you are after.

I have slop in my king pins and link pins, does these PRObuilt Drop Spindles fix this problem?

They do indeed! With these PRObuilt Drop Spindles, we use a German brand, FEBI king pins and link pins that come with new bushings. We install the new bushings are ream them with Volkswagen tools to get the perfect fit and feel. Since these spindles come with our reusable link pin chart and install directions, say goodbye to slop with these PRObuilt Drop Spindles.

I have heard that early two bolt wheel cylinder drum brake equipped vehicles have to do a little surfacing to the spindle face to get the backing plate to fit. Is this accurate?
Indeed it is. The amount of two-bolt wheel cylinder applications are small, when it comes to years available. So when vendors decide to make spindles, which takes a ton of money to make happen, they make them fit a majority of years rather than the few it might take a mod or two. Using an angle grinder or something similar to make a small indention in the face remedies this quickly.

I want to add disc brakes to my Volkswagen, will your Gen 1 or Gen 2 sets of BAD Series Disc Brakes fit them?

Yes. Our BAD Series Disc Brakes fit all DRUM Drop Spindles and do NOT fit ANY drop DISC spindles. Sounds weird, but other vendors build spindles that incorporate the caliper mounts in them. We build them so that the caliper bracket bolts onto the spindle using the backing plate mounts. It allows for versatility in your build. Drum Brakes, two piston brakes or four piston brakes. You choose, not us.


It is recommended you check the adjustments in your link pins ever 2500 miles or every year. There is a 14mm square end on the back of the link pin that you can adjust to tighten up. It will require you to loosen the clamp bolts to do this.

It is recommended to grease the upper and lower zerks every 2500 miles or every year to keep the system lubricated.

When installing brakes on these spindles and it is time to adjust the bearing thrust, you need to tighten the bearings until the drum or rotor does not move by hand, then back off 1/4 turn and lock it down. This will ensure that as long as you packed your bearings correctly, lubed the seal correctly, this too will last forever* and failure will almost be non-existent.


Reusable Shim Chart - Link
Stainless Steel Link Pin Bolt Kit - Link
Grease - Link
Grease Gun- Link
Bearing Packer - Link

Add them to my Wish List - Link

Get them built correctly, install them correctly, maintain them correctly, they will last forever.