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Airkewld needs your cores. Here's how it will work. Please fill out this list below if you would like us to purchase them from you. Let us know how many of each you have and include the pick up address and phone number. We will send a Fed Ex Label via email for the boxed goods and they will be shipped to us on our dime. All you will need to do is drop them off at a Fed Ex Drop Off location. The parts will be cleaned, inspected for straightness and trueness. This can take up to 3 weeks, we appreciate your patience. If any are bad, we can ship them back to you on our dime or junk them. If they are good to go, we will send you a payment fee free by Paypal, Venmo, store credit or send you a company check.

Before hitting submit, please print 2 copies of this page and supply one with your shipment. If you do this with the verification image, it authenticates the form.

If you have more than one complete assembled Link Pin or Ball Joint Type 1 Beetle/Ghia/Thing front beams, (They need to be spindle to spindle or drum to drum, with steering box), please text us at 623-518-3537 with pictures along with ship from address to make an offer on them. Should you want to take us up on our offer, it will require you to find a pallet or crate to put them on, tie them down so they make it to us.


Ship From Address:

Ball Joint Spindle Nuts - $1.00 Each:

1966-77 Ball Joint Upper Arms - $5.00 each:

1966-77 Ball Joint Lower Arms Only - $20.00 each:

1962-77 Factory VW Steering Box - $15.00 each:

Steering Box Clamp with Locaters - $5.00 each:

1962-77 Steering Box Drop Arm/Pitman Arm - $10.00 each:

1949-65 Link Pin Upper Arms - $5.00 each:

1949-65 Link Pin Lower Arms - $15.00 each:

Link Pin Carriers - $35.00 each:

Typ2 2 Bus 55-67 Spindles - $100.00 each:

Type 2 Bus 55-67 Factory Spring Plates - $80.00 Pair:

Mobile Phone Number:

Email Address:

Paypal Address: