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Chassis Inspection Plate Install
by Pete Skiba12/31/23

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Our goal is to make the install a breeze. Please read the entire guide. If you have a tech question, you can text us here.

Being thorough during a chassis build, even a clutch cable tube. One common place where the clutch tube breaks away from the tunnel brackets is on the opposite side of the pedal assembly. For years, cutting a hole with a hole saw, cutting three sides of a square, and prying it out only to be hammered in and hidden by a carpet kit were standard everyday practices to fix that area. But now, Airkewld has created a kit that will do a clean job and allow simple clutch cable and tube maintenance.

  1. It would help if you got to the tunnel on the opposite side of the pedal assembly. If you are starting with just the chassis, this is easy. If you are working with a completed car, you must either remove or pull the carpet back enough to get to the location.
  2. Measure 1/2” from the floor pan and mark it in two different spots. Mark with a sharpie from end to end about 6 inches.
  3. Measure 4” from the floor pan up and mark in two different spots. Mark with a sharpie from end to end about 6 inches.
  4. Measure 1 1/2” from the front firewall back on the tunnel and mark in two places with a sharpie about 5 inches.
  5. Measure 5 1/2” from the front firewall back on the tunnel and mark in two places with a sharpie about 5 inches.
  6. It would be best to have a rectangle marked out on the tunnel with radiused holes with your Sharpie.
  7. Now center punch in the corners so when you drill your holes; the bit will eventually give you a nice radiuses corner.
  8. With a step bit, drill your four holes.
  9. Using your cutting device of choice, cut straight lines to connect the holes on the lines you drew.
  10. Sand the edges to avoid a sharp edge.
  11. Locate your clutch tube and the bracket it sets in. If it is loose, push it in place and tack weld it. Then weld it in place. Be careful not to use too hot of a setting; it is not thick tubing.
  12. Place your inspection plate centered over the newly cut tunnel. Mark your holes with a sharpie.
  13. Using a drill motor and a Phillips bit, place the ten screws into the bit and screw the screws into the tunnel. Make sure to keep pressure on the screw to avoid stripping the screw.
  14. Once all four are drilled and tapped, it is now time to clean up and etch the areas along with the inspection plate with primer. Once dry, reinstall your inspection plate with the supplied screwed and fasten.
  15. Reinstall the carpet if applicable.
This inspection plate is fantastic for solving several problems, but this is very useful when changing out the clutch cable. Remove the plate and wing nut without removing the pedal assembly. Simple, easy, and perfect for maintaining your cable.

The PRO’s constantly update our install articles with tips, tools, and videos, making the installs easier for all parties. If you have tips or suggestions, please text us at 1-623-518-3537 and let us know. We appreciate it.

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Chassis Inspection Plate Kit - 2701 Chassis Inspection Plate Kit - 2701

A remedy recommended for many Classic Volkswagen's is the clutch tube coming loose from the stationary bracket inside the chassis tunnel. For years, the hole saw, air chisel, was used to cut open the chassis and hose clamp or zip tie the tube back to the bracket. Now, you can fix it correctly with the Chassis Inspection Plate Kit. Cutting and welding are needed to do this job perfectly.

Made in the USA | Product updated 12/25/23 by Pete

Typical time to install - 2 Hours | Install PDF Link | Install Video | Tools Needed

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