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The PRObuilt line of products from Airkewld is selling incredibly well, and it is being sold to your competition.

The PRO's have put together packages that make sense for you, your customer and your bottom line.

If you are a planner, give us a try and allow us to provide a quote for your next client project that checks ALL of the BOXES on your drivetrain list. The PRO's can build an assembled front end with our without disc brakes, and assembled transaxle with or with out brakes, and all the parts needed to do a quality install that cuts time and raises quality and the biggest thing of them all, you get a team that is ready to tech support, should anything arise. You call, we pick up. You email, we answer. You text, we respond.

Business, how it should be.

With just about 18 years in the books here at Airkewld, it's time to show off our relationships with top distributors and installers.

Cooker's VW - Maryland
AVR Imports - Canada
Tuned Perfection - Canada
Kindig-it Design - Utah

Interested in becoming a Distributor? Fill out the form below. Price list is attached here. Latest catalog in PDF form is here.

8% Discount once $2500 is spent and 15% discount once $5000 is spent. Once those discount levels are reached, that discount is for life of the term.

Business Name:
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Dealer or Installer:

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