Super Beetles & Bay Window Buses

Several years ago, we made the decision to carve out a niche in a specific lane. When getting specific in what we wanted to concentrate on, we eliminated two models from our catalogs. The Super Beetle, aka 1302 and 1303. Along with the 1968 and later bay window Type 2, all models. Moving forward, there is a zero percent chance that we will build anything specific for these models, it sucks, I get it. For us to stay the path and perfect our craft on what we do, we had to eliminate these from our catalog.

That being said, we do have a few parts that will fit these vehicles and we will link them below.

Six Shooter Clutch Adjusters

Chassis Inspection Plate - Super Only

E-Brake Chassis Bracket - Super Only

Stainless Transmission Shoulder Bolts

Hardline Fuel Line Kits

Freeway Flyer IRS Transaxle - Super Only

Performance IRS Transaxle - Super Only

For Super Beetle specific parts, try Topline Parts in California. We do not have a worthy referral for Bay Window Type 2 specific parts, sorry.