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Anatomy of the Narrowed Beam
Each day, Airkewld sells about 5 Ultimate Beams. Whether or not it is due to the quality of materials we use, the fit and finish or plain old marketing. Either way, the satisfaction rate is it at 97%.
How to lower your VW Beetle/Ghia the right way
So you probably just finished reading our article on "Identifying the condition of your Beetle/Ghia suspension" If not, check it out here . You have determined that you want to lower your Beetle/Ghia
Narrowing Factory Torsion Leaves
Specs on torsion leaves from grub screw to grub screw indention. (Link Pin LP)Stock 18 3/16, (Ball Joint BJ) Stock 18 3/8 front center dimple to outer dimple Two inch (LP 17 3/16) (BJ 17 3/8) fron
Type 2 Master Cylinder Install
Facebook Photo Gallery - Link Brake master cylinder adapter bus 55-67 Kit should include: 1 Aluminum adapter ring 1 Master cylinder boot 2 Mounting bolts 2 Rubber grommets 1 M
Type 2 Drop Spindle Install
Split Bus ('55-'67) Dropped Spindle Installation Installation is basically the reverse of the removal process as described in the Bentley manual. There are some key differences that do need to
Type 3 Front Disc Brake Kit Install
Facebook Photo Gallery - Link It is recommended to read and comprehend this install guide BEFORE beginning the disc brake conversion. This set was tested for use on a stock Volkswagen Type 3 vehicle