The Airkewld Online Store is opening up slowly

I need to be real with you. We are SLAMMED! So much so that my last quote for build time for a PRObuilt Beam was 14-16 weeks and they were willing to wait!!! OMG!

I hate that we benefited from the world going through this crazy pandemic, but we are staying humble. We appreciate the continued support through out these crazy times. Phones will be live from 2-4 Monday through Friday for tech support, give order updates but we will not be taking orders via the phone, our apologies in advance.

UPDATE!!! We are opening up the store, item by item and you will see a list of what is available to purchase below.

Complete Lowering Kit Type 2
PRObuilt Flipped Spindle Service Type 2
Six Shooter Clutch Adjuster
Billet Roller Throttle Tube
Chassis Inspection Plate
Ball Joint Adjusters
Link Pin Adjusters
Ultimate Beam Install Kit 2550
All Wheels but Smoothies/Raiders
PRObuilt Link Pin Drop Spindles Raw & Powder Coated
PRObuilt Steering Box
PRObuilt Control Arm Set
Stage 1 PRObuilt Beam for Link Pin
Stage 1 PRObuilt Beam for Ball Joint
Shockless PRObuilt Beam for Link Pin
Shockless PRObuilt Beam for Ball Joint
Ultimate Beam for link pin
Ultimate Beam for ball joint
Shockless Beam for link pin
Shockelss Beam for ball joint

Something that you will notice and you need to understand why, prices on some items have been reduced, some items, the cost has gone up. When Covid hit the world, manufacturers of Raw Materials shut down for a certain amount of time. During that time, Airkewld and many other companies used these raw materials without increase in cost until February of 2021. Then all of a sudden, a HUGE increase in steel, aluminum, wood, gas, almost everything, went up. If we kept our prices the same, we would not make any money. So we are adjusting the prices accordingly and will update the site with availability times and cost. Also remember, shipping is FREE in the lower 48 States to the best clients in the world. We appreciate your understanding.

I will be starting a list internally of clients who are interested in certain products. We will need your make and model, products you are interested in, your email and phone number and we will get back to you. We encourage you to follow us on our builds on Instagram here and Youtube here.

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