The Airkewld Online Store is now OPEN!

UPDATE!!! The Website is now completely open and ready to serve!

Something that you will notice and you need to understand why, prices on some items have been reduced, some items, the cost has gone up. When Covid hit the world, manufacturers of Raw Materials shut down for a certain amount of time. During that time, Airkewld and many other companies used these raw materials without increase in cost until February of 2021. Then all of a sudden, a HUGE increase in steel, aluminum, wood, gas, almost everything, went up. If we kept our prices the same, we would not make any money. So we adjusted the prices accordingly and updated the site with availability times and cost. Also remember, shipping is FREE in the lower 48 States to the best clients in the world. We appreciate your understanding.

We are still on back order with a few items, that include the PRObuilt 3 Piece Smoothie and the PRObuilt Steering Box. Every vendor in the world, yes, the world, is out of these. All of our contacts are on high alert to let us know when they are available and when we can get our orders in to fulfill your future orders. Our steering box vendors are now dried up on all TRW steering boxes and TRW has ceased building them. SO the PRO's are hard at work getting our ducks in a row to offer OEM PRObuilt Steering Boxes built to better than factory specifications. So if you are interested in these, let us know here and we will let you know when any of these items are good to go.

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