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Air Ride Complete Lowering Kits
Lowered - Dropped - Static PRObuilt Beams
Shocks Steering Box / Components
Ultimate Beams
Welcome to Suspension section. Here you can stream line what you are looking for by selecting from one of the above categories.

  • Air Ride - If you want on-the-fly adjustments from inside your vehicle, this section will allow you to look at every option we offer.
  • Air Ride Parts - If you are looking to get some replacement parts for your air ride kit, this is the section for you.
  • Complete Lowering Kits - The PRO's have compiled a list of parts for each vehicle in which give you all the right parts to lower the vehicle and the versatility to drop it at any height you want.
  • Lowered - Drop - Static - The is our most popular section. Any part that the PRO's offer for the Classic Volkswagen suspension can be found here. Spindles, control arms, install kits and more!
  • PRObuilt Beams - The flagship product from the team of PRO's at Airkewld. A completely assembled beam ready for you to save time and bolt on.
  • Shocks - A compiled section for all the shocks the PRO's offer including hardware and relocation mounts.
  • Steering Box Components - Home of the OEM PRObuilt Steering box, coupler and all the appropriate parts needed to have a sano steering system.
  • Ultimate Beam - The product that every Classic Volkswagen should be built on. Now offer in stock width to 6" narrowed to meet any clients needs.