Our Story

When my dad was doing what a dad is supposed to do, you know, smack you on the back of the head when you are doing it wrong....ya, that got old quick. But, the end result is you did what you had to do to avoid the smack. Guess what? You do it right, or you don't do it at all. That's the way the domino's fell.

Now...there are variations to doing it right. Through just about 20 years as I write this, you get more stubborn or finicky. What was right back in 2003 has been improved dramatically. Every day, the team at Airkewld improves. The product you see in front of you now, is our best to date. And it is all based on repetition and experience. The tangent to that is you get a product that is scrutinized, broken down, filmed, photoed, detailed, boxed, tested, practiced, changed, updated and repeated.....and it will still get better....every day.

Why not sit back and just offer what we offer? That's boring and our OCD doesn't get satisfied. Plus, in our honest opinion, the world cares less about quality and detail and more about fast and cheap. You won't get that from us, quality or nothing.

How did the PRO's get their name? Crazy story. When you become the leaders in a certain niche, the #AirkewldArmy calls us up or emails us to ask questions about how they should do this or do that. And a majority of them preface their questions with, 'We need a pro's opinion here, what with the PRO's do in this situation?', after many years, it stuck. The team here at Airkewld takes great pride in what the Army has dubbed us and we aren't going to take that title for granted. The PRO's will only guide you down the right path or we won't guide you at all. That trust is powerful, honest and give us peace of mind. Welcome, we appreciate you choosing us to help guide with your pride and joy, your beloved Classic Volkswagen.