I have SOLD 20,000 of these and I bet you have never seen one of these. Right?

Crazy to think that after almost 11 years of selling these, we have sold over 20,000 in 38 countries! WoW!!! I bet you have never seen one and more than likely, your head will explode when I show it to you.

What am I talking about? Great question.

There is a wing nut that when functioning at it best, is roughly a FIVE out TEN experience. This original nut, in theory, would allow the VW owner to adjust his clutch feel to get the right amount of pedal to disengage the clutch. But most of the time, the OEM German wingnut is no longer on the vehicle and the Chinese soft nut has been used and feels like a week, of not shaving your face. Heck, have you ever tried to adjust it when it was cold outside and you are twisting this wing nut, only for you to miss a twist, and like a propeller it slaps your finger to the point of you letting out a Go#$&#)$)*_#@)_*$*it!!! Ya, we have all been there. But a solution has been created and I think it should be your next purchase.

We gave this trick little product a pretty cool name, yah, I am a tad biased. We call it the Six Shooter Clutch Adjuster. You can check it out online here.

Made of steel, this nut has the OEM style shape on the back to fit in the clutch level but the six shooter gun revolver style grip that allows for quick and easy adjustments. Feels great in the hand and I am sure you will feel the same about it. We have four options available. Raw steel, (You will need to paint, powder coat or chrome it), Black powder coat, Stainless Steel (Must use anti-seize), and Titanium. Shipping is FREE in the lower 48 states and some coastal islands near the US as well.

Make sure to leave a review on our website after you install it, you can do that here. We love hearing from the #AirkewldArmy about there entire experience.

If you have one already, send us a picture of the vehicle via text or whatsapp to 1-623-518-3537!