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Anatomy of the Narrowed Beam
Each day, Airkewld sells about 5 Ultimate Beams. Whether or not it is due to the quality of materials we use, the fit and finish or plain old marketing. Either way, the satisfaction rate is it at 97%.
Assembling an Type 3 Ultimate Narrowed Beam
1. Lift up the front end of the vehicle and place it on jack stands. Make sure the e-brake is on to lock the vehicle in place. 2. Remove the wheels and place under the vehicle. 3. If you are re
Custom Wheel Options for your VW
Wheels how are you making your ride stand out? Make your ride your own. In the event you would like to update to a different wheel you will need to do one of three things. Install adapters ch
Determining stock height or if the suspension has relaxed up front
Trying to find comparisons is going to be difficult because you will see so many variances. If the torsions up front have relaxed, the vehicle is already lower than stock. If you are to jack the vehi
How to lower your VW Beetle/Ghia the right way
So you probably just finished reading our article on "Identifying the condition of your Beetle/Ghia suspension" If not, check it out here . You have determined that you want to lower your Beetle/Ghia
How to lower your VW Bus the right way
We all dream of having a type 2 VW bus. Whether it is one with all the windows or a camper the wife and the kids strapped in and cruising down the road. Sounds good right? You would think. I did s
Identifying the condition of your Beetle/Ghia Suspension
Let’s take the necessary steps to ensure the base you are working with is solid and straight. Check the tire pressure in all your tires to ensure there is 32 psi in them. Make sure you
Narrowed Beam Analysis - The other guys
We decided to purchase a 'jig built" narrowed beam from the competition. We are doing a complete analysis on it to show you the difference so you the consumer are more educated on these. Narrowed
Narrowing Factory Torsion Leaves
Specs on torsion leaves from grub screw to grub screw indention. (Link Pin LP)Stock 18 3/16, (Ball Joint BJ) Stock 18 3/8 front center dimple to outer dimple Two inch (LP 17 3/16) (BJ 17 3/8) fron
Steering Box Centering
You have just installed the world finest adjustable beam, the Ultimate Beam. You have the control arm floating in the tubes nicely, the spindles are installed to perfection, it's time to tackle the st
Type 2 Drop Spindle Install
Split Bus ('55-'67) Dropped Spindle Installation Installation is basically the reverse of the removal process as described in the Bentley manual. There are some key differences that do need to
Type 2 Master Cylinder Install
Facebook Photo Gallery - Link Brake master cylinder adapter bus 55-67 Kit should include: 1 Aluminum adapter ring 1 Master cylinder boot 2 Mounting bolts 2 Rubber grommets 1 M
Type 3 Front Disc Brake Kit Install
Facebook Photo Gallery - Link It is recommended to read and comprehend this install guide BEFORE beginning the disc brake conversion. This set was tested for use on a stock Volkswagen Type 3 vehicle
Wheel Offset - The technical stuff
So I have come up with a new formula to figure it out. The Gap - A - The distance from your rotor or drum to the inner fender lip of the top of the fender The Width - B - The width of the wheel
Wilwood Caliper Break In Procedures
Pad and Rotor Bedding: Bedding is a "real conditions" heat cycle and the final step in preparing the pads and rotors for service. All pads especially cast iron rotors that will be operated at susta