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Steering Box Centering
Last Updated: 02/17/2016
You have just installed the world finest adjustable beam, the Ultimate Beam. You have the control arm floating in the tubes nicely, the spindles are installed to perfection, it's time to tackle the steering and steering box. Here are the steps into which you will now be centering the steering box.... and it is not how you would think.

  • Install the steering box in or around the location in which the steering shaft from inside the vehicle is centered in the steering column. The angle needs to be as close as you can. Tighten the steering box to the beam at this point along with the pitman arm bolt, the steering shaft connections so that each bolt and nut can be checked off a list and you know it is tight
  • Adjust the tie rod ends and jam nuts so that they are all the way in but leave them loose. Place them in to the pitman arm and spindles and tighten.
  • Rotate the steering wheel left to right and count the revolutions.
  • Rotate the steering wheel right to left exactly 1/2 the amount of revolutions.
  • The steering box is now centered.
  • Once you have brakes installed and you can put the wheels on, you will need to set up the suspension height. Once the height is determined, check the amount of revolutions again and verify center. At this point, you are able to adjust the tie rods for the alignment. Do not move the steering wheel.
  • adjust each tie rod until, by the naked eye, each wheel is facing forward and as close to parallel to one another. Tighten down the jam nuts and that part is done.
  • You should have exactly the amount of turns to the right as you have to the left. If you don't, your steering box was not centered properly.
  • If your steering wheel is no longer straight, you will need to pop the wheel off and reposition it straight.
  • We do recommend having the newly lowered vehicle aligned professionally so that tire wear is at a minimum.

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