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Determining stock height or if the suspension has relaxed up front
Last Updated: 10/26/2015
Trying to find comparisons is going to be difficult because you will see so many variances. If the torsions up front have relaxed, the vehicle is already lower than stock.
If you are to jack the vehicle up you will notice the suspension unloading. As it almost lifts off the ground..... is stock height. The suspension normally moves about 1-1.5" when the driver gets into the vehicle to load the suspension and lifts back up when he/she exits. After years of doing this, the suspension relaxes and the vehicle gets lower.
So the real answer to your question, with a stock car that has been restored with new torsions and stock tires and wheels, what is the measurement to either the beam to the ground or the upper arch of the front fender to the ground. Once you find that number, then and only then, will you know exact measurements to achieve what you want to achieve.
Stock height - Estimated 7" of tire to upper arch fender gap
2.5" Drop Spindles - 4.5" of tire gap
2.5" Drop Spindles, Normal Adjustable Beam 3.25" of Adjustment - 5.750" of drop, still 1.250" from closing that gap.
2.5" Drop Spindles, Ultimate Beam with 7.50" of Adjustment - Allows you to set it anywhere you want to achieve the drop you want. All the way up, to all the way down.
The big thing with Ball joint model cars is to understand the limits. Your ball joints are the limits. They only articulate so much. If you try and drop it too much, the ride get's terrible. It is a combination of things that allows these cars to drive, handle and ride nicely. Usually drop spindles, narrowed beam, and the right shocks for the needs of the user.

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