Can't Afford Airkewld Products?
Over the last 20 years, the PRO's have heard that a few times. But is there something we can do about it?

Our CEO has a goal. To outfit EVERY Classic Volkswagen Enthusiast with Airkewld's Classic Volkswagen Drive-Train. Everyone?!? Yep. Let's explain.

With rising prices on everything, everywhere, the cost of building up your Classic Volkswagen project keeps going up, and the project itself gets pushed farther and farther into the corner of the garage, only to be a collection of dust and boxes. But our CEO has an idea.

Our CEO, Pete Skiba, has created a plan, like Hannibal Smith of the A-team. Provide five options to the #AirkewldArmy, that's you if affordability is a problem for your project not moving forward.

  1. AirkewldArmyGenerals - This is our Affiliate program. You earn 4% of sales by placing a link that the PRO's provide you everywhere you want it to be seen, and if a sale is generated, 4% is yours. If this sounds good to you, read more here.
  2. Join our Sales Team - Earn 5% Commission on any business you bring. If you are great at sales, apply here.
  3. Break down a Type 1 Beam core (link pin or ball joint) in a bucket = $200 in store credit (a pair of spindle assemblies, 4 control arms, 1 steering box assembly, and all the hardware). Visit or Core Program here.
  4. Barter - Type 1 Complete front end cores - 10 Complete front end cores palletized will get you a PRObuilt Beam. 6 more will get you a set of BAD Brakes installed. Visit or Core Program here.
  5. Finance your build through our website with PayPal Later, Affirm, Klarna or PayLater. Some interest free payments for 6 months, some you can extend further out. Start shopping now.
If you dream of having an Airkewld Drive-Train, help us, HELP YOU. Let's do this; together, we can rid the world of subpar products.