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My Ultimate Plan | Sept. 29 | 1957 Beetle on a 1971 Chassis | Patrick

Client's Vision - 57 Beetle on a 71 IRS PAN

What kind of wheels do you want to run?:15” 

Suspension Choice:Static - Set it and forget it 

Stopping Power: Disc Brakes - Self Adjusting 

Driving Style:Performance - More controlled, better handling, let's burn some rubber

Ideal Engine: Performance - More Power, more torque, I want to have the ability to get out of my own way. 

Stance: classic rake lower in the front, almost stock height in rear, wide tires front and back on titanio Venus wheels, discs on all 4 corners, daily driver mostly, ideal engine is fuel injection, 1776-2017cc, freeway flyer transmission

Wheel Link

PRO's Plan for Patrick - If you go with he 15x5.5 wheel options they will come with a +15 or 3.84" backspacing up front, you would need a 5" Ultimate or PRObuilt Beam with shock towers for a performance build or a 6" shockless for a cruiser build. 165-60-15 tires up front. This is due to the Chassis swap you have and that makes the suspension platform 2" wider than your original 57 was. I think you would need to go with the same wheels in the rear but with an obviously taller wider tire. 205-65-15 tires in the rear.

As it would ship to the client for FREE in the lower 48 states, it would come with the following:

Stage 1 PRObuilt Beam complete assembled with sport shocks, drop spindles that is narrowed to spec to fit the wheels and the stance the client is looking for and GEN 2 BAD Series Brakes are installed in a Wide 5x205mm bolt pattern and outfitted with 4 piston grey Wilwood calipers. This will give him the stopping power he wants, the stance he is after and ability to give him the best user experience possible. In the rear, we went with an eBrake style NON Wilwood caliper and the Wide 5 GEN 2 IRS BAD Series Brakes couple with adjusting the torsion's to fine tune his ride height and installing a set of rear shocks and Stainless Steel hardware.
$6500 Delivered to an R&L Terminal closest to our client. All forms of payment are available and it can even be financed during checkout.

If you want to add all of these items to a cart and check them out yourself, you can here - https://airkewld.co/57-71UltimatePlan
57-71 Ultimate Plan