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In my best Optimus Prime voice, CALLING ALL VW BOTS!!! I don't know if that is the best intro to this section yet, but I think it fits for what we are needing.

Call me a late to the party if you want, I was adamantly against the YouTube platform, more because I saw how much kids were glued to a device, than out in the garage with their family or friends.

A little over 18 months ago, we did a raffle Vlog, you can check that out here. It was more of a dabble my feet in the water kind of scenario to see if we could enjoy this platform more than FB or IG. And we did.

The growth of our Youtube channel has been incredible, mainly because of you and the #AirkewldArmy's support in it. With various ideas to how we can grow it further, one idea shined more than any other and I can't get it out of my head.

Mainly, I looked at Youtube as a place to host videos for our products. Show our customers all the features and benefits of each product, maybe showcase a few rides with the product on it. Then it became do shorter videos on shows, some rides we built, then a chassis series and it came to this, my best idea to date.

You made it to this page because we are CALLING ALL VW BOTS!!! The PRO's at Airkewld are looking for some amazing people with some amazing rides that want to be a part of our Install Series of videos.

We are looking for clean, running, driving Volkswagens that can be in our Install Series of Videos that can drive into our facility, get the product installed, and drive out. We are not looking for project cars that are months or years away from completion.

This series of videos will involve interviews, showcasing the removal process, the install process, before and after photos/videos etc so that we can give the #AirkewldArmy, that's you, the best place to learn about the process of the installs.

Let's talk about the fine details.

  1. You will need to purchase the product you want installed.
  2. You will need to facilitate the logistics of getting the VW here and back for the install, whether you ship it with uShip here or deliver the vehicle yourself, should you not be local.
  3. Since this is a FREE* install, you will need to be ok with your vehicle being here for a period of time to produce and edit the video. Some videos editing and production will be a day, some will be a month. (FREE install means, at no cost to you, the PRO's will install the product on your vehicle. If the PRO's find something that halts the install process, because of our findings, such as cracked, broken, wrong part installed before the PRO install, that will need to be paid for to continue the process.)
  4. Interview - The interview process can be with a video platform like Facetime, Zoom, What's App, etc if the client is not local. If the client is local, an in person interview is required before and after.
  5. All products we install have a warranty that comes with it. This warranty is good for one year and it covers the install process only. If an item fails, that is not an Airkewld product, Airkewld is not liable for that part or the install of that part. Questionable products will be documented during the install and will be given to the client to make sure they are aware of the possible issues.
If you are ready to be a part of this process, please fill out the form below. You can also text us some pictures of your vehicle by clicking here, to 623-518-3537 or by email here, to photos@airkewld.com

As we confirm our selections, we will create a list of products that are now in planned production.

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Mobile Number:

Model/Type and Year:

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Product to be installed: