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The PRO's will be showcasing the build on
YouTube found here.

As we get farther into this build we will update this form with links to those who sponsor the build. If you have items that would like to be featured on this build, please contact us at sponsors@airkewld.com , thanks!

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1/2/19 Update

If you have followed us over the years, you have seen the PRO's build some pretty killer stuff. I am pretty sure we were the first to display chassis's at event's all across the US and Canada.

A couple years ago, we stopped building chassis's as part of our business model to free up some time for us to shore up our drivetrain manufacturing processes and become more efficient. The PRO's succeeded at both and now we are cruising.

But now, the PRO's want to give back and in a HUGE way! It gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce....


How BIG are YOUR eyes after reading that sentence? Let me explain what it is and how you can participate.

The PRO's at Airkewld will be building a Beetle chassis that is a complete roller. Wheels, tires, transaxle, title, full PRObuilt suspension, built around 17" Smoothies and a PRO touring look. Since this is a raffle, tickets will be available for $5 each and you can purchase as many as you want at any time until Christmas Eve 11pm MST. We will be announcing the winner on Christmas morning 2019 at 11am MST.
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PRObuilt Chassis Raffle Ticket