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Gen 2 of the BAD (Billet Assembled Disc) Brakes are coming! Deposits taken here.

The best braking system is the one that works for your application. Whether it is a performance upgrade, a wheel pattern change, or you just want to be in the 21st century, the PRO's have the upgrade for you. For the overview of our brakes, please read below.

Front Kits - LINK - All front kits will come with BAD Series rotor assemblies featuring new assembly hardware for a better user experience, caliper brackets, calipers, pads, master cylinder, seals, hardware, NEW bolt-on billet dust caps, German roller bearings, reservoir bottle, brake light switches and stainless steel braided brake lines. These are the most complete kits on the market to ensure you can do the job correctly and safely.

Rear Kits - LINK - All rear kits will come with BAD Series rotor assemblies featuring new assembly hardware for a better user experience, caliper brackets, calipers, pads, e-brake cables, seals, hardware and stainless steel brake hoses.

Complete Kits - LINK - They will include helpful items such as firewall spacers, spindle nuts, thrust washers, brake line stands, axle bearing clamps (year specific), axle nuts, bearing spacers and assembly hardware.

It is up to the client to ensure that they have what they should have under their year/model/application. If they are unsure, it is time to send an email with some photos to make sure. The brake kits below require the following;

  • A DRUM spindle for our brakes to work, not a DISC spindle. If you need a stock height drum spindle or a dropped drum spindle, the PRO's can set you up.
  • Type 1 or 3 rear axle assembly like short axle, long axle, short spline and long spline or IRS. These kits will not fit Type 2 reduction gear boxes or Type 2 Bay axles assemblies. These kit will NOT fit 3x3 trailing arms with out modification.
  • All studs we use are 14mm x 1.50 and we do not supply lug nuts due to wheels taking a specific lug nut for each application. If you don't know what you need, the PRO's can help. 12mm x 1.50 are available as a special request if you need them for your build.
  • DOT 3 Brake Fluid to be used.

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Generation 2 BAD Series Brakes - Deposit Generation 2 BAD Series Brakes - Deposit

(1/18/22) Update time is here and we now have a plan in place and it differs from our original plan. But the results are the same. July 2022, we will be releasing the latest installment of BAD Series Brakes, Generation 2.

For some context on the last release, we sold 300 kits in 4 hours last time so placing a pre-order is going to be imperative.

The PRO's are enlisted the services of one of the top brake engineering firms to perfect our current design and make what was already good, GREAT. The consistency part is what is bringing a smile to our faces.

  • Black Oxide Coated Rotors
  • New User-Friendly Bolt Pattern Fasteners
  • Bolt-on Universal Bearing/Dust Caps
  • Updated Bolt Patterns to allow for new fasteners
  • Update Caliper Brackets to fit all models of Porsche 356/Volkswagen
  • Wilwood Electric Parking Brake Options
  • New Stud options
  • Billet Rear Caliper Mounts
  • New eBrake Cable connections
Pre-Order List - Link

More Information

Airkewld Army Price: $500.00 Each

Classic VW Complete Front/Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit - 4000G2 Classic VW Complete Front/Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit - 4000G2

Fits the following with 15" or larger wheels:

  • 1949-1965 US Spec Type 1 Beetle-Bug-Fusca
  • 1949-1965 US Spec Karmann Ghia
  • Kit cars with link pin/short swing axle suspensions

PDF Instructions:

  • Front Disc Install - Link
  • Rear Disc Install - Link
  • Rear Axle Identification - Link

The PRO's Recommendations:

  • If you want to be street legal and utilize the factory hand brake between your seats, pick the eBrake calipers and simply add the paint match option in the accessories section.


  • Great Article on how to tighten the rear rotors properly and not using a torque tool.
What will you need in addition to this kit?
  • Lug Nuts - All kits comes with 14mm x 1.5 Studs. Lug nuts are specific to the wheels that you are using. Please check the specifics of the wheels to identify what you need.
  • Brake Fluid - Dot 3 is recommended

More Information

Gen 1 - Discontinued | Gen 2 Coming Soon
Airkewld Army Price: $2,760.00
(Built to Order)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Question - Disc Brake Edition

Question: Do you make a Wilwood eBrake caliper kit for your BAD Series Brakes?
Answer: No sorry we do not. Wilwood does not make a 3/8" thick rotor equipped caliper.

Question: What size lugs do I need?
Answer: Most brake kits come with 14mm x 1.50 studs pressed in them, so a lug nut that fits those, but in the seat that the wheels need, either acorn conical, ball seat or mag lug. Check the wheel manufacture for specs the wheels require.

Question: I have a dual circuit master on my VW already. Do I still need to install the master cylinder that was sent with my kit?
Answer: Yes, the dual circuit master relies on the springs in the backing plates to siphon the fluid back into the reservoir. The dual circuit disc master has a larger spring to do the siphoning.

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